Blackland is the infusion of history and future, incorporating time-honored techniques blended with a modern, tech-focused approach to traditional distilling and aging processes to produce clean, vibrant new tastes in its small-batch spirits. Vodka. Bourbon. Rye. Gin. Spirits that are refined, and reawaken the senses.

Blackland Barrel Program

The Blackland Barrel Program offers a unique opportunity to purchase a 5 or 10 gallon barrel to be aged at Blackland Distillery.  Blackland will meet to decide upon their spirit of choice and the estimated aging duration. Once the spirit of choice has aged appropriately and is ready to be bottled, Blackland will schedule and host a bottling and release party. Blackland will create a private label for the bottles, per the design requests. Depending on the duration of aging, a 5 gallon barrel should yield 20-25 bottles of proofed spirit and a 10 gallon barrel should yield 40-50 bottles of proofed spirit. The customer will also receive the barrel as part of the program.

I. Blackland Bourbon, Gin & Rye Mash Bill      

II. Custom Mash designed by Customer